In retail partnership there are different type of business models, each of them require retail management expertise for covering specific situations. Choosing the best fit for your brand and setting up the best contract agreement at the beginning, ensures long lasting, profitable and successful business partnership. The way we support you is delivering masterfully executed contract agreements or giving commercial advice on the one has been under negotiation with your business partner.

What RC Turkey offers to you ?

RC Turkey helps you to manage & compose your contract agreement insightfully, so it covers almost all potential scenarios to avoid future opportunity loss or injury. According to your business needs we manage your whole commercial process starting from introduction of your company to investors, defining trade terms and building up most profitable commercial agreements.

Retail Franchising Agreement

Retail Distribution Agreement

Authorized Dealer Agreement

Lease or Revenue Share Agreement

Terms and Conditions of Sale

Terms and conditions of Supply

Concession Store Agreement

Consignment Type of Sales Contract

Exclusivity Agreement


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